The world of podcasts has grown markedly in the last 4 years; ever since people realized that you can create your own radio station in your own living room. There are a wide variety of podcasts, some of which follow a narrative, some of which take advantage of the form, and others that are simply a discussion between people. I want to throw my hat in the ring, join this circle of talented people with my own podcast. My podcast, entitled Galhalla Podcast (a pun on the idea of Valhalla as a place where the mythic Valkyries live, and the word “gal”), has a niche target audience: you. My brand on the internet already caters to women who are interested in scifi and wlw characters. But repeatedly, our interactions and interests are glossed over. No longer.

Galhalla Pocast will be a biweekly podcast (the one that means two podcasts a month). One of these podcasts will be part of the book club, organized through the website Goodreads (which gives me access to another platform) with a new book every month. The end of the month podcast (released around the 30th) discusses the book with a special guest, interacting with the discussion questions and concerns the members of the book club have raised. The other episode, released around the 15th, would discuss things of cultural importance at the time (such as a new tv show, or a new comic series) that has been garnering attention from the sf community online.

The first episode, with special guest Mlamachine, will drop on January 8th 2016, so mark your calendars!

In the mean time, follow us on twitter, tumblr and goodreads!


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