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Link round ups are probably one of my favorite things about the internet. They help me broaden my reading on the Interwebs, and they let me have some insight into what the people I admire are thinking/writing about! The Galhalla Link Round Up will be a weekly affair, posted every Sunday, and honestly, I am very excited about it. (image via tumblr)

Book Things

Kate Eliot’s newest epic fantasy has been getting a ton of really positive reviews, and im really excited to read it ! This paragraph especially sold me on the book as a whole, because i really love me some really thoughtful fantasy:

this is a deconstruction of epic fantasy. An interrogation of epic fantasy: it turns the staple tropes of the genre upside down and shakes them to see what falls out. It reconfigures the landscape of epic fantasy, because its emotional focus is not—despite initial impressions—on kingship and legitimacy, inheritance and royal restoration. So much of the epic fantasy field accepts the a priori legitimacy of monarchy—or the a priori legitimacy of power maintained through force—invests it with a kind of superstitious awe, that to find an epic fantasy novel willing to intelligently interrogate categories of power is a thing of joy.

Barnes and Nobel’s and Autostraddle both released their end of year lists! The Autostraddle one did not interest me as much, but I find end of year lists to be a very good resource for LATE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Look, I love Top 10 lists as much as the next fool, so here is a list of the Top 10 Book Lists. Yeah, we’re meta like that.

In other Top Ten Book list news, I collected all the books that I liked in Top 10 Book Lists in the goodreads tag, if you are interested in what I will be reading for the next 3 months.

Wanna try reading more diverse books in 2016? Or perhaps you’re just a competitive person like me, so let’s do this thing. (Please use the comments section to tell me what a food memoir is, because I have no idea).

TV Things

I know this dropped like… a month and a half ago, so its Old News according to the internet, but Jessica Jones has a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For those of you who have not watched it yet, Emily Nussbaum explains why a TV Show that was not her cup of tea still attracted her attention:

Still, right away I could tell what was firing up so many viewers, particularly online: in the world of Marvel Comics, a female antihero—a female anything—is a step forward. But a rape survivor, struggling with P.T.S.D., is a genuine leap. While the fact that “Jessica Jones” is Marvel’s first TV franchise starring a superpowered woman—and that it was created by a female showrunner, Melissa Rosenberg—amounts to a pretty limited sort of artistic progress, the show doesn’t need to be perfect in order to deepen the debate. In a genre format that is often reflexively juvenile about sexuality, “Jessica Jones” is distinctly adult, an allegory that is unafraid of ugliness.

Which means, basically. that there are too many good reviews of Jessica Jones! Everywhere! I’m overwhelmed! What am I going to do! (Link you my top 3, obvs).

  1. Jessica Jones and Rape Culture
  2. Jessica Jones and Gaslighting
  3. An Important, Slightly Gay Interview w Rachael Taylor

The 100 trailer. Who’s Excite (It Me). One of my sister’s Christmas presents was to give me a coupon to watch the show premier with her. I am #blessed.

I have been shamefully behind on television this last fall thanks to finishing university (ew, I know), and as a result the only things I know are that Supergirl got Gay and Jane the Virgin got Gayer.

Movie Things

I know not all of you have Carol Privilege, so here are two reviews to make you feel better?

Here’s the thing: not only do I have Carol Privilege in the literal sense (I’ve seen it three times already); I also have it metaphorically, since I came to the book at the exact right moment in my life, and as a result the book, and the movie, both mean a lot to me. Not EVERY queer person adores this book, and that’s cool, but I really do. Anyway, this review on Flavorwire really spoke to why I loved this adaption, and why I think the movie has a happy ending:

[The ending] does not seem like Hollywood-style pandering. (The film and the nature of its leads’ somewhat clandestine love are, in this case thankfully, far too reserved for a furiously lip-locked ending.) Carol‘s unequivocally lucid — but also unequivocally restrained — reunion is somehow defiant, both of the ejaculatory triumph of sappy romance endings and, more surprisingly, of the typical ambiguity and/or tragedy of Good Dramas.

Fandom Things

As per usual, I missed the prompting for the Femslash kinkmeme, which opened and closed within a week, but there are nearly 2000 prompts for like…a million fandoms available now, so that’s a total plus? Also, don’t you love being part of a community where people consider “flirting,” “kissing” and “cuddling” to be kinks?

The Jessica Jones kinkmeme, on the other hand, is an on going thing! Watch out though; there is a lot of m/m and Jess/Kilgrave stuff happening over there, so if you are Delicate, don’t touch it.

Also, there was a 100 Femslash Challenge! Cool stuff was written!


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