link round up 3

the ‘net is a Scary Place, Mulder. People write fanfiction about us.

HEY FRIENDS, I spent this weekend in London with my parents which meant I spent a lot of time defending the Internet and also pop culture, and a lot of the things they said reminded me of S1 Scully. Also, there was an X Files interview that makes me cry even thought I haven’t seen it yet. But basically I’m very happy also because I went to Forbidden Planet. Anyway I have lots of books now, so let’s get on with the show?

#OscarsSoWhite is embarrassing and shitty and honestly? was a very predictable outcome

Before I get into our regularly scheduled links, let’s talk about dating. It’s hard, right? Don’t worry, Mallory Ortberg made a perfect guide for us: “A Guide To Flirting With Plausible Deniability

Tease her a little bit about the fact that she is mortal and will someday die.

Let your hand brush against theirs, then visibly wipe it off on your jeans. Then anonymously pay off their student loans.

Hide yourself in an uncharted cave until someone comes looking for you. This way they’ll know that you’re independent, but also not seeing anybody else.

Now that we’ve sorted out our romantic plans, there’s another thing! Today’s link-round is queer heavy. Am I sorry? No. The Toast, my go-to website for everything ever in the world, also hosted a round-table on trans women’s discussions on lesbian and queer spaces that I thought was super important. More than anything, though, the chat is adorable and light-hearted and everyone should go and read it:

MALLORY: guys we seriously need to start a church
it will mostly be about candles
and cats

MEY: I honestly have at least a dozen la virgen candles in my house right now, plus another dozen other saint candles

GABBY: And comics


BROOK: I was going to say a different C-word, but it’d have to be censored

MALLORY: Brook was the word ‘coping mechanisms’

AND now let’s get on with the regular show! Marvel has confirmed that they definitely want a show about MOCKINGBIRD, my one true love, and then some other character called (fart noise) that no one cares about. Obviously though, its all done by men and so I have low expectations. But look – Adrianne Palicki beating people up? I’m Here.

Jeff VanderMeer’s novel Annihilation is on its way to becoming a movie! I honestly loved this novel by Jeff VanderMeer and although I have no idea how they are going to adapt, I think it’s going to be interesting to watch. Moreover, these casting thoughts make me Very Happy.

TGI Femslash, a convention in California in February, is offering scholarships for interested people who are as bad as saving money as I am. In all honesty, if I wasn’t in Europe until June I would 100% go: it sounds so cool and fun that I’m mad that I’m not there. If you’re interested in femslash, you should totally apply!


NK Jemisin has a very interesting post about the classic white washing of the Shannara TV series and what that implies:

And that is precisely what we end up with, when this kind of fantastical exclusion gets layered onto the site of real historical exclusion: racist wish fulfillment fantasy. (Way to go, MTV.) Narratively, the exclusion suggests some Shit Went Down after the collapse or the plague or whatever it was that created this future world. What kind of shit? Genocide, apparently, on an epic scale. Eugenics, maybe, since apparently the orcish folks are some sort of mutant; that touches on the long, ugly history of medical experimentation in this country. So now I wonder why I should be particularly entranced by the stirring saga of a magical white supremacist utopia, or near enough to qualify. Don’t I have to deal with enough racist fantasy in real life?

Although I think sometimes the Jennifer Lawrence bashing can go too far, I also believe that she has been nominated as the media’s Darling, and this is very much at the cost of other women. Ms. Marya E. Gates, a wonderful film blogger and podcaster, recently pointed out that the celebration of Jennifer Lawrence as “younger person to ever land 4 acting noms” shifts the focus from Kate Winslet who is the youngest woman ever to have seven acting noms. We should still talk about Jennifer Lawrence, but the obsession with her has lead to the erasure of older women, which can get a little frustrating…

Honestly, friends, I can’t deal with shit like this. I am TOO WEAK for women + puppies

At the end of this week’s link-round up I quickly wanted to do a shout out to the three link round-ups that help create an influence my link round-up, and they are: the Toast, Sidetracked by LadyBusiness and the Rec Center, an email newsletter by Elizabeth Mitchell and Gav.


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