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This week’s links are mainly about racism, pocs and fandom. This is not on purpose, but rather what interesting links my timeline has regurgitated over the last week. This week in particular there was a lot of popular media attention on diversity in hollywood, including an article that ran in the New York Times! My dad sent me the article, and I was genuinely incredibly pleased.

ONE this was such an important essay for someone who is, like me, really trying to write a diverse novel in which my characters’ races are acknowledged, but not the center piece of their character. many science fiction novels, in their attempt to write “post-racial” novels often write…pretty racist novels as a result! The fact that beta reader services exist to help you stop this is pretty fricking awesome.

TWO More writer related things! Here is a call for submissions at Strange Horizon magazine!

THREE I adore NK Jemisin’s science fiction book reviews in the New York Times; it’s honestly a great week when I get to read one of these (also, the nyt website doesn’t let you quote it, but fuck them, i took a picture instead):

image capture nyt

FOUR as a psudo-canadian, i feel like it’s my duty to rep Margret Atwood whenever she appears.

FIVE Mallory Ortberg, one of the writer’s for the toast, is literally one of my #inspirations, since she’s ballsy, doesn’t compromise her morals and makes a solid amount of money doing it. I love her and if she ever reads this, please call me and let me be your girlfriend. This interview was amazing so it was hard to pick a favorite part.

While I’m going to be happy to talk about it, it was definitely not like “I’m coming to Australia and damn it I’m going to talk about happy feminists if it kills me!” I think it’s totally a conversation worth having. I feel at a bit of a loss explaining something that, when I do it, I try to think about as little as possible. By that I don’t mean that I’m thoughtless, but I mean the point is always cracking the joke and not thinking about why or how it’s funny.

The fact that I do comedy and the fact that I’m a feminist — it’s not like I sit down and think “time to marry these two twin traditions!” so much as just I am a feminist, so it’s just something that will pop up in my work.

SIX Last week in the link roundup I briefly touched upon DC’s New Thing, which a lot of women and other non mainstream (ie not white male cis people) have critized for a lot more reasons than just what it does to your comic reading habits. Other than writing an interesting article on what the Rebirth actually is, Panels also wrote a good piece on what the whole Rebirth thing means.

I’m gonna let you in on a secret, Geoff: that fan with the long boxes of comics? You don’t need to court them this aggressively. They’re already buying the comics. I’malready buying the comics, and I’m so mad at you guys right now I could spit. The thing about lifers is that they’re lifers. That dude who reads everything you publish with Batman in it? He’s always going to do that. You don’t need to contort yourselves to please him and insult everyone else. You just need to put Batman in stuff.

SEVEN There has been a lot of  talk about Arrow in the sf fandom this week, partially because Stephen Amell, who I unironically love, said he wanted a Supergirl crossover which opens the door for Laurel/Alex friendship and Kara dragging Ollie for being a dramatic baby. MOREOVER, Arrow is incorporating a liveaction Vixen character! Played by Megalyn EK who gave an adorable interview for CBR.

EIGHT Today is Oscar day! A great day to talk about all the problems with the Oscars! Two really interesting pieces that really laid the groundwork for my understanding of the scope of the #Oscarssowhite problem was a) this NPR Codeswitch article, which discusses the long rich history of rascism at the oscars:

The Oscars’ trouble with racial representation feels like a fresh, contemporary controversy, a product of the social media megaphone, but it goes back almost to the beginning. At the 12th Academy Awards ceremony in 1940, Hattie McDaniel won a statuette for her role in Gone with the Wind, becoming the first black actor to win one. But before that happened, she was almost literally shut out of the ceremony, as strings had to be pulled to let her into the venue, which had a strict no-blacks policy. She wasn’t allowed to sit at the same table as her co-stars, and was instead stashed away in a corner.

and b) this article on Harlot Media, that addressed a nuanced of the #Oscarssowhite discussion that I had not even thought about:

I wanted to write an article about Muslims who’ve won Academy Awards. It turns out, that’s pretty hard to do, because there aren’t many. Asghar Farhadi, an Iranian filmmaker, won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2011 with A Separation, but I wasn’t able to find any Muslim winners of the award before that, and Muslim nominees in other categories are even more sparse.

NINE the guardian was quick to add in a recent editorial that although the BAFTAs recognized John Boyega’s talent, they are by no means free of the #OscarsSoWhite discussion

TEN Elizabeth Minkle touched on what ship wars are and how they affect people in the New Statesman, and I thought the article was interesting and nuanced:

But shipping is important: it’s a complicated and subversive tool, even when (maybe especially when) it’s being wielded mostly for pleasure. Last month I came at shipping from a different angle, working to separate a yearning for queer representation from the act of queering the narrative yourself. But what about the act of shipping, as both a marker of status within a group and as an expression of desire? If we’re inclined to ship, why do we do it, why does it bring us together in a collective version of that desire – and why do we get so riled up when we disagree?


anyway, to finish: i backed this really awesome project and idk i think its super worth the 5$ to get an ebook, honestly? I recommend backing it.


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