link round up 9


this beautiful ink and digital painting by artist steen is called “m’lady” and it makes me cry because its perfect (click link for original on artist’s website)

This week was a hard week to be a wlw. The week started on Sunday night with Chris Rock comparing a beautiful wlw love story to pornography, and it ended with a classic rendition of the Lesbian Death Trope by the TV show The 100. Heather Hogan wrote beautifully on why this death affects us all because the femslash community (as it is understood in popular media right now) has a shared canon of literature, and in that canon all our faves always die. Many wlw who i really respect have written on this instance of the Lesbian Death Trope on the 100, including thrace , but I have been unable to read it. Partially this is because I’ve been edging out of the 100 fandom for months, and partially it is because this entire event hit at a bad week. I’ve had too much gay pain, and I was too upset to read a lot of the discourse around it.

But I don’t want this link round up to be too upset about this. As almost always with fandom, many people have taken this opportunity to create resources and dialog for wlw. A bunch of grassroot projects popped up over night ie. websites that document pieces of media in which wlw don’t die, recommendations to non-mainstream media such as this web series (about two actresses who play characters who fall in love and then…fall in love) or this movie  neither of which I have watched yet, but both of which I am excited about.

Honestly though, the best project was this post: started by tumblr user @thexfiles, this post encouraged wlw to discuss their real life happiness. Over the weekend it garnered 14 thousand notes and it has the most amazing answers. Some   of    my     favorites.

anyway, i honestly don’t have the spoons to give u all the link round up you deserve, but being sad about gays takes a lot of #energy, also I have been working all day even though its sunday, so please, accept this carol parody as an apology


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