link round up 11

this week’s art is by the amazing yura coward (tumblr) (store)

As far as I can tell, it’s been a slow news fortnight, though this might also be because my family just had an awful week and i have not been able to check the internet much! Either way…

ONE I try and not be hamilton trash, but Hamilton’s visit to the White House was honestly so cool, and I think Lin Manuel Miranda free style rap with Obama made me cry

TWO i love Amal el Mohtar and I think she says some very interesting things in these book reviews

This month’s books contain multitudes: worlds built from whole cloth, a cascade of perspectives, multiple languages, and the work of travelling between them. There are, above all, questions: Who are we, how do we approach the world, what does the world make of us? The answers—if answers there are—are songs, and poems, and science.

THREE Have you read any good short fiction recently? LadyBusiness wants to hear about it!

FOUR As a lover of historical Biopics, I am very excited to watch these “Three Indie Biopics About Women Who History Forgot

I really love how much attention mainstream media is paying the whole “Stop Burying Your Gays” discussion right now, but more than anything I love how many queer people are talking about it in nuanced and really important ways. The parable that Merc Rustad wrote was really well worded. Xan West’s autobiographical essay really struck a chord with me:

I read queer and trans love stories written by cis and heterosexual people with a certain kind of terrified hope. I want these characters to make it, and I’m afraid that they won’t. I want them to survive til the end of the story. I want their love to feel hopeful and happy all the way til the end of the story. I want to read stories that show queer and trans people who are not isolated, who are not constantly targeted by violence, who are not mired in shame and self-loathing, who do not die. I want to read queer and trans stories that are not tragic. I want to read queer and trans stories that have deliciously slow burns and bursting flames of desire, swoony romances and deeply satisfying character arcs where we are rooting for these queers to be together all the way through.

As always, I invite you to help me make this a better community. Not only by submitting me your articles and your art, but also by you commenting and adding any links you feel I have forgotten, or helping me make this website more appealing to you.


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