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Welcome back after an accidental month long hiatus! Some really bad Family Things happened at home, so I had to deal with and process those! But now we’re back! (which means I’m going to check the Galhalla Email today and get back to everyone)

Person of Interest is back this week! Hence the image of Amy Acker in flannel instead of some original art. But anyway, you will remember that our first ever podcast discusses Person of Interest! I’m hoping I’ll be writing some recaps too, once the show is back. But to tide you over, here is a stream of some solid Amy Acker photos, of which some of them are totally new to me (which is, honestly, impressive).

Autostraddle’s intern wrote about a new queer webseries, which she described as “Portlandia” for lesbians, which sounds exciting!

The Hugo Ballots came out this week! All you need to know about how the voting turned out is encapsulated by the “Best Related Work” Slate. Which teaches me never to not nominate something for Best Related Work. Also, this book was nominated for a prestigious award. I’m honestly so ashamed of my fandom right now. But anyway, John Scalzi wrote an interesting article, which I think is important, but sort of dismisses the Rabid Puppies presence in categories like Best Related Work:

In these cases as in several others, the Puppies are running in front of an existing parade and claiming to lead it. Few who know the field or the Hugos would give the slates credit for highlighting works and authors already well-appreciated in the genre, many of which have appeared this year as finalists for other awards or on bestseller lists.

While I was gone, I was backing a lot of kickstarters by your fave queers!

  1. Only three days to go to back a really cute and fun comicbook about two queer superhero ladies! Gamer Girl and Vixen looks really awesome!
  2. This different graphic novel by a queer artist was totally funded! Look out for a review by me the second I get my copy!
  3. Australian author is releasing a book chapter by chapter and being supported by a kickstarter;  a really awesome idea for all you struggling writers! (I’m also reading the book, and I really like it!)
  4. Rosarium Publishing! Only 4 days left to fund!

In other good news this week, female director Marielle Heller will write and direct an adaption of the documentary on gay rights! After announcements like the fact that 20th century fox has no female directors in their lineup until 2018, it’s always amazing to read things like this:

Marielle Heller’s star continues to rise. The Hollywood Reporter has revealedthat the “Diary of a Teenage Girl” helmer will write and direct a feature film adaptation of “The Case Against 8,” an award-winning HBO documentary focused on the battle to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriages. Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox are producing.

My love for robots is perfect encapsulated by this wonderful series of accidental selfies that Google’s robots took in museums

St Vincent, the amazing singer, has some really cool thoughts on writing:

When writing, I adhere to the old adage that if you want to get hit by a train you better go stand on the track. There’s no substitute for just putting the work in and writing with a very concerted, focused effort. At the end of the day it all comes down to synthesizing a whole host of ideas, so you better have a lot of ideas at the ready when it comes time to put the little Frankenstein monster together.

A really interesting youtube video by queer YA author on the danger of queercoding! Justin Dennis has some really awesome argument, and I especially like her last point about pointing out something as problematic, while still enjoying it.

LASTLY, a really funny article about how, before google, librarians answered all humanities’ weird questions:

Here’s one salacious example: “I went to a New Year’s Eve Party and unexpectedly stayed over. I don’t really know the hosts. Ought I to send a thank-you note?” asked a “somewhat uncertain female voice” during a midafternoon telephone call on New Year’s Day 1967.



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