We Are Okay: The Place of Queer Tragedy

I wrote this review of Nina LaCour’s We Are Okay last December, but a discussion in social media this week has made me bump this book to the top of my reviewing list, because I think it deals with some important current issues.

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The (Disappointing) Story of Lizzy and Darcy

Books that start bad and end bad really don’t hurt anyone. They are simply there, and sometimes I DNF them, and sometimes I do finish them with high hopes, only to be disappoint. Books that start bad and end well are a more complicated creature, but since the ending is what sits with me, it can be pleasant. Books that start well, promising me great things, and then lose their thread and peeter out at the end, however, are the worst. Those books entice me, and promise me things. But then, in the end, when it comes to the middle and the end part of books, the two hardest parts, they disappoint.

That’s what happened to me with Grace Watson’s debut novel The Story of Lizzie and Darcy. The book started so well. So well that I even texted my MOTHER about it. Continue reading “The (Disappointing) Story of Lizzy and Darcy”