Because this podcast and blog are for the online f/f community, we want it to be by you too! As a result, we are accept submissions for both writing and art!

Ideally, this blog would have new content every couple of days or so. I work several jobs though, so I don’t get to write on here as much as I want! As a result, I really want to invite people to send me articles! There are three main categories of writing that I want.

One of the main columns on Galhalla is my BOOK BABBLE, where I review and discuss books. These books can be any book that you want, as long as you can relate it to women, specifically women who love women, in media. You are more than welcome to write a review of your friend’s book, but please don’t review your own book. I can tell, even if you’re using a pen-name. Promise. If you want to review a specific book, email me first to make sure I don’t have someone already doing it! If you just want to review something, email me again and I will give you some of the books in our “review queue!” If you want this blog to review your book, email me again and I will consider it. Indie, self-published wlw authors welcome!

Another column that I’m trying to start is FRIDAY FINDS. Did you find a small webcomic that you find adorable? Or a great webseries? Is it an app, or a game, or an organisational, or even a tv show? Review it for me, and convince me that I should watch/play/own it!

General fandom/wlw orientated essays! I want to hear your thoughts, feelings and experiences! I’m already really interested in essays about femslash ships in the vein of femslash friday, though I don’t really want an article about Root x Shaw from Person of Interest as much as I want an article about how Root x Shaw on Person of Interest is important to you. Tell me how f/f fanfiction helped you, or why it’s important, or why you love f/f communities. Please feel free to write articles on how the femslash community has a race problem, or how you as a non binary or trans wlw would want the community to improve. This is a space for critical thinking.

pay up to 30 dollars for each submission, and you get a bonus for every 500 hits your article garners. As always, however, I maintain full editorial control, and don’t send me something you have already posted on your blog. It has to be original and specifically for me.

The link round up that goes out once a week (on Sundays) usually goes best with a piece of art. And I realised I really liked featuring small wlw artists as part of it! You can scroll through the round ups to see what I mean. I want to feature artists and make it all more inclusive, so I thought I would pay every artist who allows me to feature their work 10 dollars. all you have to do is send me between 1 and 3 original or fan art pieces that are sfw and a link to your shop or blog or whatever, and then a functioning paypal. you will be paid within 24 hours of it being posted. i don’t own any rights or anything of the work, i’m literally just paying you for the right to post it in that one single instance on the blog.

of course, i maintain full control, so if i don’t like your work because it contains excessive gore or bc i don’t think my audience would like it I can reject it, but honestly, I pretty much love everything. As long as its not weird and orientated towards a wlw audience, I’m excited about it! (nb: please don’t send me any m/m art though….just…please…)